Digital intelligence (DI) for transforming asset inspection.


Do you want to reduce the probability of failures and improve your understanding of the condition of your asset?  DI-inspection can:

  • Improve the quality and reduce time for risk based assessment through 3D visualization, based on a digital asset
  • Improve planning effectiveness and inspector’s productivity by up to 40%
  • Provide rapid feedback of results to improve making decisions on being fit for purpose

According to the recently published NACE Impact Study, the global cost of corrosion is estimated to be US $2.5 trillion.  By using improved corrosion control practices, it is estimated that between 15% and 35% cost savings corrosion could be realized, i.e. between $375 and $875 billion annually on a global basis.

DIGATEX brings together the silos of data, technologies and work processes to transform risk based inspection, saving a significant amount of time and money and vastly improving the accuracy and availability of information to support risk management. Time and resource consuming paper based processes are eliminated by using a digital asset with 3D visualisation for planning, analysis and reporting.


Plants, be they upstream/downstream oil and gas, chemical power etc., are complex and congested with limited access.  The nature of the raw materials is highly corrosive and changeable depending on process parameters.  Of 137 major refinery accidents reported by EU countries since 1984, around 20% indicated corrosion failure as an important contributing factor. Accident reports clearly showed that the lesson learned was less about the technical challenge of managing corrosion but simply about having an effective risk management program.  It is challenging and time consuming to effectively plan an RBI program and monitor and report on inspection status using traditional paper and spreadsheet, resulting in:

  • Far too much time being spent on finding information and manually checking inspection plans rather than carrying out the inspection and looking forward with risk based assessment
  • Things being missed when expediting and reporting on status of inspections
  • Difficulties in identifying inspection points and prioritising on a risk assessment basis

The big picture gets lost in the detail resulting in an inability to accurately assess corrosion status.


Move from a manual to a digitally intelligent environment

DIGATEX uses its Knowledge Hub to integrate the work process and technology to provide an enhanced digitally intelligent way of planning and managing the entire inspection lifecycle using 3D visualization, supported by an intelligent digital asset.

Intelligent Asset Inspection


  • Improved ability to identify corrosion risks using 3D visualization, seeing the ‘big picture’ and then the detail as appropriate to ensure a quality RBI plan
  • Improved understanding of access requirements to optimize inspection plans
  • Integrated tablet and UT flaw detector with the digital asset and inspection management data
  • Inspection work-packs, reporting and anomaly management completed online, eliminating paper and manual transfer
  • Enables more field inspection time by up to 40% through improved efficiency
  • Shortens analysis and reporting time to reduce risk

DI-inspection reengineers the work process and is based on best practice deployed on a digital asset foundation.  This provides a 90% fit with most client requirements eliminating custom implementation and upfront consulting and design time.

DI–inspection can be implemented using a variety of technologies and data sources depending on specific requirements and legacy systems.


If you would like to learn more about how we could help you transform your inspection regime with our DI-inspection, all our contact information can be found on our website contact page