Over the last 20 years we have seen the coming of the Digital Age, where technology is part of everyday life. The next phase is digital transformation integrating people, processes and technology to exploit all the data that exists in today’s business environments.  This will transform the way we design, build and operate our assets.
True digital transformation means moving our people and processes from a document centric to data centric world of big data.  This requires structured object data enabled through business portals supporting better and faster decisions.  Cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), along with Government mandated Building Information Modelling (BIM) practices have created an unstoppable momentum.
The big question is – how do you define success and get there in an affordable way?  DIGATEX is uniquely positioned to help you define a strategy for success and then help you implement it in a pragmatic and sustainable way.

The Digital Age requires a new discipline of engineers; Information Engineers. They are experts in digital assets, bringing together key skills in engineering, operations, information management, computer technology and business processes.  These are not generic consulting skills, but laser focused on our industries and the digital transformation of their assets.  DIGATEX is built around such people delivering:

  • Digital Asset Consulting
  • Digital Asset Engineering
  • Digital Asset Solutions

DIGATEX can supplement your existing resources from ad-hoc consulting to Main Information Contractor (MIC) right through to an outsourced capability to define, build, manage and exploit your digital assets.


The key to any successful digital transformation is the adoption of standards and procedures that harness the technology and enable it to be used in a simple intuitive manner enabling smooth transition from your current to future processes.  This is often overlooked in the rush to exploit new technology.  DIGATEX can provide your:

  • Digital Asset Vision, Strategy and Execution Plans
  • Enterprise, BU and Project Information Standards
  • Capital Project Coordination Procedures for Digital Engineering
  • Information Handover & Operations Readiness Specifications
  • Asset Integrity Specifications
  • Change Management Programs

And ensure that the right technologies are brought to bear to suit your plans.


The world is awash with software solutions; we have acronym overload, BIM, ALCIM, IM, EDW, DMS, PLM, EDMS, CM, EIH, CAD, CAE, ERP, EAM whereby technology providers seek to differentiate themselves, but the same asset data is washing around in all these silos, remaining difficult and costly to exploit.

DIGATEX approaches technology from a different angle.  We create digitally intelligent data from the vast legacy of dumb documents and drawings and unconnected databases with different data structures and content.

We do this with our DI-analytics service by literally putting technology to work.  We use AI to create robotic information engineers that sift through legacy data creating a layer of intelligence over the existing information source, be it a document, drawing, or an unstructured dataset.   Once we have the data we set the robots to work cleansing, validating and sorting the data enabling our customers to find, access, use the data quickly and efficiently.

We deliver this independently of any technology infrastructure and allow you to export this intelligence into your asset management solutions.


DIGATEX understands the industry domains, the information management needs and the technology providers.   We help you see through the technology fog and create a plan that provides maximum flexibility to select the right technology for your specific business circumstances, whilst protecting your most valuable asset, your data. We always listen to and work in close collaboration with our customers.

Digital transformation requires a tight integration between people, processes, technology and DATA.  We work closely with best in class providers of enterprise software solutions and systems integrators.   We constantly research the whole technology field of niche software providers exploiting cloud and other new technologies to bring fast and effective innovation to the market.