411, 2018

Mastering your Engineering Data – Opportunities for those that embrace digital transformation pragmatically

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Apologies for the long delay in this follow up to the Laggards and Leaders article that I wrote and published a year ago, I got side tracked chasing an opportunity to do pragmatic digital transformation and it’s rather changed my view of things! In my last post, laggards or leaders, I argued we (the industry) are laggards in the [...]

2607, 2017

Laggards, leaders and the information gap

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Mastering Your Engineering Data – Are you in control? In the second of this series of articles we consider the relative position of asset intensive industries to their peers and dig into the issues which sometimes presents us as laggards in the field of digital transformation. I’ve used a point and counterpoint below to illustrate the leader and laggard [...]

407, 2017

Mastering your Engineering Data – Are you in control?

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  This is the first in a short series of posts, intended to stimulate ideas and gather input and experience from industry experts to drive the digital transformation of how we create, manage, share and use engineering and asset information across the lifecycle of large complex and normally one-off assets such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power and offshore. [...]